Sunday, 18 May 2014

"Oh I just can't wait to be... teaching!"

(Don't you just love the Lion King?)

I could have extended my last post into about 50 different worries - but I am trying to consciously focus on the positives, of which I know there will be many! Here is what I am looking forward to:

1. The holidays

13 luxurious weeks of paid holiday a year, during which there is absolutely no work to be done!

. The hours
9am - 3pm, five days a week? Come at me, bro!

... Okay, so I'm obviously kidding. I almost made myself angry writing that.

10 things I'm excited for
(god damn you dangling prep! I wish my inner grammar Nazi wouldn't be on my case all the time) 

1. Seeing my name in school

On the website (it's already there!), on plans, initials on the noticeboard, in newsletters... is that really  sad??

2. When a child from another class calls my name

You mean a student who I don't actually teach knows who I am? Look how established I am in this school, I may as well apply for headship already.

3. Hearing, "Oh, NOW I get it!"

I've actually taught them something. I CAN do this!

4. Nice comments from parents

It's got to happen at some point, right?

5. Good observation feedback

As above!

6. Making it to the first holiday without...

... crying (okay, I know that one will happen), embarrassing myself (also probably likely) or crawling into a small hole with no hope of reappearing.

7. Our autumn term production

It's a musical. It's been chosen. It's been ordered. I've been roped into playing the piano for all of it ('roped' makes it sound like I don't want to - I had to be cool and pretend I was doing them a favour, right? I can't wait!) and I'm so excited.

8. Christmas at school

Glitter. Glitter? GLITTER!

9. Enraptured silence

That moment (usually when you go off on a tangent) when every single pair of eyes is staring at you, lapping up your every word.

10. General merriment

If I can make a class of low-ability Year 5s as excited about improper fractions as I am (no joke, I love maths), I'll know I've really made it.

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