Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The calm before the storm

Please ignore the rushed and possibly haphazard tone of this post - I am eager to write about today but also am aware of the amount of prep I have to do for tomorrow!

Today was better; a much more structured day. I have now learnt all the names of my Year 5/6 class (although I will only have them for registration and afternoons), but have still got the names of my maths group (lower set year 5) and literacy group (mixed ability year 5) to remember. I have no idea how I'm keeping all this new information in my brain.

Only a few more noteworthy things - I found out I'll be teaching sex ed to the Year 5 girls after half term, so attended the parents' meeting after school today about it. We watched that delightful video (circa 1980?!) about friendship, which suddenly then switches to two cartoon figures (of different ethnicities - that's the diversity box ticked) nakedly gyrating with a detailed VoiceOver ("sperm, testicles, penis, vagina") and then goes back to "friendship". Talk about jumping in the deep end!

And to end on a sour note (sorry), the only thing that has stayed with me all day is a cleaner telling me that I look "about 12". How would they like it if I turned around and said "well you look about 85!" At least children have no real awareness of age!

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