Wednesday, 27 August 2014

T minus 7 days...

D-day is looming...

I jest, I jest, but that's what it feels like!

I was going to write a post on preparing your classroom over summer, but Millie (@MissDtheNQT on Twitter) has done a stellar job of that already on her blog - go and check it out here.

So, instead, I'd like to write a list of acknowledgements - I have had a LOT of help this summer in setting up my classroom and helping me mentally prepare for the term ahead, and I would like to mention them here:

Twinkl, oh Twinkl, where would primary school display boards be without you? I have taken our relationship one step further by upgrading to Platinum, and I haven't regretted it since.

My laminator
You may take an unearthly amount of time to warm up (come on green light, hurry up, where are you?), but I'll put that down to your grand cost of about £15 - nobody likes to be cheap. You have laminated hundreds of sheets, sometimes two at once when I'm not concentrating, and not let me down once. We'll forget about that time you swallowed up my sheet of Twinkl synonyms for the word 'sad' and spat it out all wrinkled and ruined - everyone makes mistakes.

My arms
You know I'm lazy. You know I refuse to do more than one trip from the car, even when I have 16 bags, 3 boxes and a tower of drawers to carry in. But you summoned the strength from somewhere, and have endured the weight of those 8 bags on each arm, full of school supplies, long enough to make it into my classroom. On more than one occasion, as well. Thank you.

And on a serious note...

To all the NQTs with whom I've had a conversation and have put my mind a little more at ease - thank you. To all the experienced teachers who've convinced me (even if they're lying for my own sake!) they feel just as nervous and anxious at the end of every summer and it's not weird to be consumed with thoughts of school - thank you.
To Katie Hopkins, and fellow teacher-bashers (especially omnipresent throughout the summer)... well, if teaching is such an easy job, why don't you do it? Your ignorance has continued to entertain me throughout my long and stress-free holiday ;)

My mum
A fellow teacher with many years of experience - thank you for all your original ideas for my classroom displays and organisation, thank you for your continued moral support and  encouragement (MUM I CAN'T DOOOOOOO THIS!!!), and thank you for cutting out hundreds of laminated letters and backing display boards despite not having done so for 25+ years!

The countdown begins! Any tips on how to clear my mind of anything school-related are GREATLY welcomed...

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