Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Can I sleep for a week yet?


I've only had two inset days (albeit days lasting until 6.30pm) and one teaching day but I feel exhausted.

I couldn't sleep last night. I was so nervous today, but when I asked myself, "Why exactly are you nervous?", I couldn't answer! However, it's true what they (the oh-so-elusive "they"!) say - the nerves completely fell away as soon as the kids walked in. They are a lovely bunch, and I know I've been very lucky with this - some of my fellow Tweeting NQTs are having quite the opposite experience!

It surprised me how - and I know this won't last for long - well behaved they were. Putting everything down as soon as I asked, working in silence even though I didn't ask ("you can talk amongst yourself, guys!" *tumbleweed...*) and being extremely polite. I think it's because they still need to gel as a class (the classes change every year) and get used to me, so I'm prepared to be up against a bit more next week.

Also, my throat HURTS. I talked non-stop all morning and afternoon. Reading our first class story really strained my voice. I know I need to preserve it, we had vocal training at uni too (who has the time for bloody voice exercises?!), but apparently I had just so much to say! I forgot to bring any water with me; luckily my LOVELY mentor and fellow 5/6 teacher gave me (good god I love her) her water bottle to keep for the day. What would I do without people like that? God send, I tell you.

Another thing that made me smile - my head popped in a few times today, but he came to chat with me after school about how my day went and was almost more excited for me than I was for myself that I finally had my own class! He also passed on some lovely feedback my TA gave him about me when he bumped into her that morning - that really gave me a boost.

I'm panicking about tomorrow now. It's the first time we split for maths and literacy (that's about another 40 new names) and I have THREE additional adults in for maths! Agghhhhhh pressure!

Sorry this blog post has been a bit of a verbal-diarrhoea jobby. I see these more like diary entries that I can look back on and cringe when I'm much more experienced ;)

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