Tuesday, 6 January 2015

What's it like to date a teacher?

I think I have changed considerably since becoming an NQT - in some ways for the better, and in some, perhaps not. I have recently been wondering how this has been affecting the people with whom I spend the most time - in particular, my other half.

So, in a blog post that has probably been done to death, I asked the two men in my life (boyfriend and dad - I am no polygamist) what they thought were the best and worst things about having a teacher in the family. (Please note the title of this blog post - my mum is also a primary school classroom teacher of 34 years and a deputy head, so my dad has many years' experience "dating" a teacher as well as "fathering" one!)

The Best (their words, not mine)
- You are (hopefully) guaranteed a partner of a certain level of intelligence
- The long summer breaks; not coming home from work to an empty house, not having to pay for childcare etc.
- Teaching is a secure job and one which can be found almost anywhere in the country if your partner has to move
- They can proof read (my other half is currently training for a job that involves a fair amount of essay writing... Is this really the best they can come up with?!)

The Worst (again, their words, not mine...)
- Tired all the time
- Moan about work
- Restrictive holidays; can't take time off when you want
- Can't go to local places (if you teach in your hometown) without fear of seeing/running into pupils
- Being spoken to like a child

Well, I probably could have guessed most of them - although I thought they might have been a bit more forthcoming with the "best" things - how about patience, compassion, maturity? (Of which, come to think of it, I probably have none outside of school...)

Any more insight from any of your other halves?

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