Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Are we really the worst dressed profession?

According to fashion retailer High and Mighty, teachers are the worst dressed profession (source: here, here or here!). In other teacher-fashion related news, last year, Ofsted announced they would be placing more importance on the way teachers dress.

It seems only right that we should challenge this stereotype! Earlier this year, after discussion with a few fellow Tweechers, I tweeted this:

 And so, without further ado, here are the #trendyteachers of Spring 2015...

(Disclaimer: I know, in the big scheme of things, fashion at school is not important. We are there for the children, not to impress with our clothes. We all know that. This is just a bit of fun!)

Daniel (@danpo_)

Mr Daly (@PJD90)

Miss Nobes (@BexNobes)

Miss M (@MissM_234)

Miss K (@MissKTeaches)

Miss Khan (@MissKhanNQT)

Miss P (@MissP_year3)

Miss Davies (@MissECDavies)

Me! (@MissNQT)

Miss Barratt (@NicolaBarratt26)

Miss Hood (@hood510)

Miss J (@MissJSays_)

Miss Black (@stephanieblackk)

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Or, even better, join us with the hashtag #trendyteachers and prove society wrong - we are fashionable, not frumpy; trendy, not tired; stylish, not staid; chic, not shabby...

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