Sunday, 26 July 2015

Not so new - but still quietly terrified

Just over a year ago I wrote my very first blog post entitled "New - and Quietly Terrified!" ( in which I listed 10 things I worried about before embarking on my NQT year.

Now, 4 days after completeling my NQT year, I feel it's time to reflect (read: cringe).

1. I am still a child.
A year on, I don't look any older. My age seems to have been a subject of discussion among my class, their guesses ranging from 19 - 38(?!). However, despite my worries, parents haven't made any comments about it whatsoever!

2. Bad behaviour
I learnt to laugh at silly behaviour that was just that - silly. And it turns out my horrendous final placement experience prepared me pretty well for any behaviour issues that occurred this year.

3. Assemblies
I was worried about key stage assemblies, but if only I knew I'd be leading whole school singing assemblies too (that's what you get for saying you're a music specialist on your application form. Damn) - unfortunately, in our school, this is not a pleasant experience. Finding a song that is both enjoyable AND appropriate for both 4 year olds and 11 year olds is not an easy task. It is my least favourite 30 minutes of the week.

4. TAs
What was I worried about? My TAs (most of them...) are LOVELY, and have no issue with my age.

5. Staff meetings
Turns out I actually have a lot to contribute! And my ideas are listened to! That means that might actually be... good?

6. Actually teaching
Well, my observations have been fine. Good, actually. But I'm still overly, if not even more so, critical of my own teaching. 

7. Ofsted
Ofsted arrived. People cried (stress). Ofsted left. People cried (relief).

8. Relationships
This was my biggest worry. But I have the most fantastic colleagues I could ever ask for. 

9. Parents
One thing that is quite nice about being in UKS2 - parents don't get anywhere near as involved as they do when they're children are in F/KS1. But parents' evenings and mums/dads into school days have all been fine. On top of that, I received some lovely comments and letters from some parents at the end of this year which made it all worth it.

10. Work/life balance
Yep. Still working on that one.

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