Saturday, 1 August 2015

Supportive schools - they do exist!

Whenever I read a blog post about NQTs and how to support them in your school, it seems to usually be followed by a barrage of comments from disgruntled (and rightly so) NQTs about how this is not the case in their school. I also know this to be true for many of my friends this year; for some of them, this lack of support has resulted in them leaving the profession - already! I also know of a few fellow Twitter teachers who have moved schools due to an unhappy start.

I am aware of this. However, I just wanted to throw some positivity out there. There are some brilliant schools for an NQT to work in. Mine is one of them. And here are a few characteristics of mine...

A supportive school is... that understands the excitement and passion that an NQT brings to the job that trains their NQT/s to be the best they can without loading on the pressure
...understands the need for a work/life balance (e.g. doesn't expect emails to be read at the weekend!) that shares the responsibility of supporting the NQT between more than just the mentor

...and more specifically... whose HT will come all the way down to your classroom to bring you a classroom fan, even though there is a SIO learning walk going on, because he saw how hot you and your children were! where your team leader will take the blame for your mistake because she knows how much you have on your plate at the time where your partner teacher will take the brunt of a parent's complaint for something you have chosen to do as a team where you can drop into anyone's classroom at 6pm on a Tuesday with no idea what to teach for maths tomorrow, and they will help you plan it whose HT will come out to see you at break-time duty to check if you're okay because you "didn't seem yourself this morning" whose DHT will encourage you to have more than one day off when you were ill in Autumn term because you need time to rest and recover and, don't worry, they've got everything covered for a supply whose HT will allow you two days out of school, paid and without having to swap NQT time, to attend an important event in your boyfriend's career where you will go on day-long courses in a week and still be given your NQT and PPA time because "you're very busy and you need it!" where your turbulent, but successful, NQT year is celebrated in front of the whole school with funny pictures, wine and flowers!

I could go on. The point is, not all schools are reluctant to take the time to nurture and develop their new teachers. I couldn't have wished for more support, empathy or compassion from any of the staff at my school this year. I can only hope that when I decide to move on, I am welcomed into a new team of teachers as warmly as I have been this time!

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  1. This is so nice to hear! I'm starting my first job as an NQT this year and it's safe to say that I have terrified myself reading stories and blogs of NQTs who have had a horrible NQT year due to a lack of support. It's nice to hear a positive story for once.

  2. I'm glad this has helped! I had a similar experience to you, hearing negative things a lot. I hope yours is good :)