Thursday, 19 November 2015

Life after 3.30 - a poem

Life after 3.30

Sitting in my classroom
In my natural habitat
Can't find the bloody highlighters
And where's my green pen at?!

It's not under the table
Look - that missing glue stick lid!
Those kids were meant to tidy up!
I wonder what they did?!

Well, I give up, can't find the green
I'll have to use red pen
Can't let them know I'm going against
The marking policy again...

Right, let's start this marking pile
Shit - why's that one first?!
Tip: when you start your marking
NEVER open with your worst.

So, what's my "next step" comment?
Well, where do I even start?! 
She clearly hasn't checked against
The success criteria chart.

Right, next book up - yes! Capitals
Are all in the right spot!
But wait - don't speak too soon
Because punctuation, they forgot.

Another book, more work to mark
Now this kid's in the know!
Oh look, that famous simile:
"It was as white as snow".

I'll use this as assessment
Cos I can't mark anymore 
Now I must decide:
Are they 'emerging' or 'secure'?

No-one can be 'exceeding' yet 
It's only Autumn 2!
For them to be 'exceeding' now
They must know more than you

Wait, what's lower than 'emerging'?
Is it 'developing' or 'below'?
Is there one below 'below'?
I mean, just how low can we go?!

I've done my grid - ah,
Look at all this data I have made!
Oops - I'll change this one
So he can meet his target grade.

Right, time to leave - oh joy!
I get to walk home in the dark.
Until I spot another pile
Of books I'm yet to mark...

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Sunday, 8 November 2015

PC V Panda

This blog is short and sweet.

This year, I've been given the role of SPAG coordinator as part of the English team. A huge part of the new English curriculum is grammar, and a huge part of that involves children knowing the word classes of the English language.

In KS2, children must know of all eight word classes, and I've come up with a quick acronym to remember these: 


I even whipped up a quick cartoon on Paint go alongside it - a panda in a policeman's hat with the name label "V" (as his name is Police Constable V Panda, of course). 

My Year 5s have responded well to this and now, since introducing him (or her?) almost a week ago, most of them can remember all eight without sneakily looking at my grammar wall!

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